Fedaiisf joins the demonstration in defense of the right to health and for the relaunch of the public and universal NHS on 24 June

Fedaiisf has decided to participate in the demonstration in defense of the National Health Service to be held in Rome, in Piazza del Popolo, on 24 June at 10 am.

We have prepared a digital flyer to communicate the initiative and I ask you to share it in your chats.

We, as Scientific Representatives, operate within the NHS collaborating with the medical profession and with other healthcare operators with the aim of promoting the correct use of medicines, supplements and medical devices.

We do so aware that, if the Health Service works as well as the Constitution wants, it is the citizen who benefits by seeing his constitutional right to health respected. We therefore join the voice of the other associations (medical unions, active citizens, GIMBE and others) in support of a public and universal NHS.

For the protection of the right to health, for a National Health Service and a social health system - public, supportive and universal - to which guarantee the necessary economic and organizational resources but above all the personnel: operators and professionals who can really guarantee the right to treatment of all and everyone, with adequate wages, to counter the continuous weakening of public health, recover the gaps in the assistance actually provided, starting from the territorial one and the waiting lists, and enhance the care work; for this, an extraordinary multi-year hiring plan is needed that goes beyond stabilizations and turnover, overcomes the precariousness of care and of those who care; to ensure the health and dignity of non-self-sufficient people; for the protection of health and safety in the workplace, relaunching the role of prevention, inspection and surveillance services. Having public health means guaranteeing treatment for everyone, throughout the country, and stopping the privatization of healthcare and health care. (source: the organizing committee)


Provisional list of the Associations that adhere to the national demonstration on 24 June in Rome in defense of the right to health of people and in the workplace and for the defense and revitalization of the national, public and universal health service.

  1. ACLI extension
  2. Action Aid
  3. ALI – Italian Local Autonomies
  4. ANPI
  5. Antigone
  6. AOI – International Cooperation and Solidarity
  7. ARCI
  8. Article 21
  9. Association for the Renewal of the Left
  10. Fundamental Right Health Association
  11. International Health Association
  12. AUSER
  13. PHC Primary Health Care campaign now or never
  14. CGIL
  15. Chips
  16. Active citizenship
  17. CNCA
  18. Community of San Benedetto al Porto
  19. Constitutional Democracy Coordination
  20. Mental Health Coordination
  21. CoPerSaMM
  22. CRS
  23. Emergency
  24. Fairwatch
  25. Federconsumatori
  26. Franca and Franco Basaglia Foundation
  27. GIMBE Foundation
  28. Nilde Iotti Foundation
  29. Forum Inequalities Diversity
  30. Drug forum
  31. Italian Forum of Water Movements
  32. Forum for the Right to Health
  33. Mental Health Forum
  34. Greenpeace
  35. Abel group
  36. Solidarity group
  37. Fernando Santi Institute
  38. Laudato Si' – An Alliance for Climate, Earth and Social Justice
  39. Legambiente
  40. Free
  41. Liberty and Justice
  42. Links
  43. Lisbon Institute of Global Mental Health
  44. Democratic Medicine
  45. Public Health Movement
  46. Grandmother Rome
  47. stopop observatory
  48. Community first
  49. Democratic psychiatry
  50. Even Numbers Network
  51. Local Health Welfare Network
  52. High School Students Network
  53. Let's save the Constitution
  54. Let's get out of balance
  55. Solaris odv
  56. HEDGE
  57. SOS Healthcare
  58. SUNIA
  59. Table No Differentiated Autonomy
  60. UDS
  61. UDU
  62. UISP
  63. UNASAM
  64. Fedaisf

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