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Financial, Falconi: the ticket is unfair

“A moderator ticket, in a functioning system, can be ethically acceptable. But without a reorganization of the territory, in a system that does not give citizens answers quickly, it is an unfair tax". He claims it Mario Falconi, national secretary of the Federation of general practitioners (Fimmg), meeting at a congress in Villasimius. The white coats of the family "heed the appeal of the Minister of Health Livia Turco - he continues - and are willing to do their utmost to avoid improper appeals by citizens to the emergency room, but alone they can do up to a certain point". “I positively evaluate the effort to allocate important resources to health care”, underlines Falconi, commenting on the measures of the 2007 budget. an overall government of the system at a territorial level”. For the leader of Fimmg, “it is the confirmation that a new plan is needed that gives answers above all to those who need assistance most: 'fragile' and non-self-sufficient categories, the real emergency of this country. An investment plan on territorial medicine, therefore, not only economic. We need a new culture of healthcare that adapts the system to the real needs of the country. And this cannot be separated from a strong agreement with the category or – he wonders – do we want to continue to have as the only feedback how much family doctors spend on drug prescriptions?”. From Doctornews 10-14-05
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