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The Balduzzi decree generally torn apart

29/11/2012 | Michele Arnese and Elisa Maiucci


In a report by the Bruno Leoni Institute that Formiche.net anticipates, the strengths of the Balduzzi decree are analyzed which imposes the prescription of the active principle in the medical prescription and the inappropriateness and inefficiency are demonstrated.


The obligation to indicate only the active ingredient in the medical prescription for the patient is once again being debated. After the appeals by Farmindustria against the provisions of the Health decree by Minister Renato Balduzzi, and following the changes made to the legislation also thanks to the intervention of the undersecretary for the economy Claudio De Vincenti, not even the Bruno Leoni Institute directed by Alberto Mingardi swallowed the pill. In a report that Formiche.net is able to anticipate, the researcher Serena Sileoni touches on what should be the strengths of the decree, for doctors and for patients, demonstrating however the inefficiency and inappropriateness of the obligation envisaged, to the point of asking for the immediate repeal of the desired Balduzzi law.

Doubts about the clinical safety of generic medicines

Sileoni highlights doubts about the clinical safety of generic medicines. "We need to ask ourselves - he underlines - whether the imposition on the doctor to prescribe, as a rule, only the active ingredient is actually appropriate and well thought out in the light of the scientific uncertainties on bioequivalence tests in measuring the therapeutic efficacy for specific populations of the product".

"As far as the authorization to trade e

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