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The phenomenon of comparison

Dear colleagues, me Today I find myself writing about a very thorny topic that concerns our sector: the comparison.

I think it is useless to explain in detail what it is, since it is unfortunately a phenomenon that is well known both by professionals and by public opinion.

 In particular, on 22 March 2012, a scandalous service on this phenomenon was broadcast during the show "Le Iene" on Italia 1.

Some passages of the interview carried out by the journalist Nadia Toffa with a scientific informant of the drug, photograph this aberrant phenomenon with extreme precision.

 If I find doctors willing to push my meds, I return the favor,” she says. "Guy?" asks the Hyena. “I'm giving him a gift,” replies the informant. "What does 'push a drug' mean?" “The doctor must prescribe my drug and then, when he can, he must even overprescribe it, that is, prescribe it even when there is no need for it”. 

“What does he ask in return?” asks Nadia Toffa. "Gifts" replies the man "And then congresses in exclusive places". 

“But how do you check that the doctor has really prescribed your medicines?” asks the correspondent of Italia 1. "Either the doctor will show you the prescriptions he has made, or go to the pharmacist to see the sales data". 

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