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Investigation of drugs, seals for the "Innovative Pharma": production not in compliance

Savona. The Pisa office of "Innovative Pharma", the pharmaceutical company that would have given favors to doctors in the Savona area for the prescription of certain parapharmaceuticals and medicines, was closed after a check by the Nas, who found the lack of the necessary authorizations for the production of medicines, which therefore took place in a site not yet compliant with the provisions of current legislation.

At the moment the seals have been triggered with an administrative sanction, even if the regularization procedures of the Tuscan office (the other was in Carcare, in Val Bormida) were underway but not yet completed.

Meanwhile, the investigation by the Public Prosecutor's Office continues, which has hypothesized the crimes of corruption and comparison for ten people, but the crime of fraud against the State is also not excluded, due to the non-transferability of some prescribed medicines, which would have been charged of the national health service.

The deputy prosecutor Daniela Pischetola is waiting for the inspection and documentary report of the Noe - ecological operational nucleus - which carried out the investigation, to draw the strings of the circumstantial and evidentiary framework against the suspects. The amount of telephone interceptions collected is also being examined by the investigators, as well as the investigative findings that emerged from the checks and searches carried out throughout the Province of Savona.

There are currently ten people under investigation, including seven doctors active in the Savona area, in addition to the general partner of Innovative Pharma Moreno Cavazzoli and the limited partner Gianfranco Pistone. Among the illustrious names, the director of Cairo Salute and city councilor of Cairo, Amatore Morando, and two well-known professionals from Albisola Superiore, Mauro Panaro and Gianfranco Barile.

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