ISTAT. Foreign trade: pharmaceutical products +8.2% in September

In September 2020, cyclical growth is estimated for exports (+2.7%) and a slight decrease for imports (-0.6%). The increase on a monthly basis in exports is due to the marked increase in sales to non-EU markets (+8.1%), while those to the EU area are slightly down (-2.1%).

In the third quarter of 2020, compared to the previous one, exports recorded an increase of 30.4%, to which the strong increases in sales of capital goods and intermediate goods to both main outlet markets, the EU and non-EU, contributed by two thirds. In the same period, imports grew by 21.7%.

In September 2020, exports recorded an annual growth of 2.1%, due to the increase in sales both to the non-EU area (+2.8%) and, to a lesser extent, to the EU (+1.4% ). Imports still show a decline, albeit in a marked attenuation (-6.4%, it was -12.6% in August), determined in particular by the drop in purchases from the non-EU area (-12.3%), while that from EU area is much lower (-1.9%).

TAmong the sectors that contribute most to the trend increase in exports are highlighted means of transport, excluding motor vehicles (+28.7%), base metals and metal products, excluding machinery and equipment (+9.9%), pharmaceutical, chemical-medicinal and botanical articles (+8.2%), clothing, including leather and fur (+6.4%) and motor vehicles (+5.8%). On an annual basis, exports of refined petroleum products decreased sharply (-51.1%).

On an annual basis, the countries that contribute the most to the increase in exports are the United States (+11.1%), Switzerland (+15.7%), Germany (+6.0%), China (+33.0% ) and Poland (+19.4%). Sales to OPEC countries (-14.8%), Spain (-7.2%), ASEAN countries (-13.3%) and the United Kingdom (-3.9%) decreased.

In the first nine months of the year, the downward trend in exports (-11.6%) is due in particular to the contraction in the sales of machinery and equipment nec (-15.4%), leather goods, excluding clothing, and the like ( -22.1%), base metals and metal products, excluding machinery and equipment (-9.7%) and refined petroleum products (-38.2%).

In September 2020, the trade balance is estimated to increase by 3,136 million euros (from +2,686 million in September 2019 to +5,849 million in September 2020). Net of energy products, the balance is equal to +7,583 million euros (it was +5,788 million in September 2019).

In September 2020, import prices increased by 0.5% compared to August 2020 and decreased by 5.3% year on year (was -5.8% in August)


ISTAT – 17 November 2020

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