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The Pfizer affair, the American drug multinational that has had one of its most important offices in the province of Latina for over fifty years, is still on the high seas.
Today, after last year's announcement of the sale of the Sermoneta plant, the management confirms a total of redundancies equal to 556 units for which it has started the mobility procedure. Those affected by the cut are above all children Pharmaceutical Representatives. The company defends itself with numbers in hand: the losses in turnover have been continuous in the last five years, mainly due to the expiry of patents, the cut in drug prices and the failure to launch new products. Despite this, what lies ahead in The Sermoneta plant is the most important mobility procedure concerning the ISFs opened by the American pharmaceutical giant. For their part, the unions have requested a downward revision of the number of redundancies, the cassintegration for workers who have met the pension requirements, the identification of a budget for redundancy incentives, and verification of the possibility of re-employment in other pharmaceutical companies. In these days, among other things, rumors are arriving from across the ocean according to which Pfizer would be willing to buy Wyeth, another protagonist of Big Pharma, also present in the Pontine area and also with problems of employment and a layoff for 160 employees which will start from 1 March. According to news collected by the American press, the purchase of Wyeth could cost Pfizer 60 billion dollars. Meanwhile, from Ugl Chimici, the provincial secretary Armando Valiani expresses "concern about the sharp job cut linked to drug information, a sector that suffered over 5,000 job losses last year alone". The meeting with the top management of the company expected for the first few days of February when the exact number of redundancies will be announced. d. aut. The Republic of 27/01/2009 ed. Rome p. 11  



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