Lazio. ISF vaccination: 3rd booking mode update

It is specified that AIISF Frosinone to simplify things and agree with the Valmontone hub it has developed a registration form on its own website where everyone can register until tomorrow evening at 19. Then the managers of AIISF Frosinone will take care of providing the data to the vaccination center which will contact the registered directly.

Reservations can also be made directly with the Valmontone hub or the ASL RM5.

The names indicated are entered in the regional booking system for the related appointments, in order to carry out the vaccination services in an orderly manner and to avoid unnecessary queues.

So remember to don't show up spontaneously and to respect the instructions received at the time of booking. To book, a valid health card is sufficient.

It is recommended to respect the booking time avoiding delays / advances that could create inconvenience to the orderly flow of users.

We recommend print, complete and sign all the forms necessary for vaccination before arriving. Thus the procedure can be speeded up.

For booking assistance or any cancellations contact the number 06 164161841 active from Monday to Friday from 7.30 to 19.30, Saturday from 7.30 to 13.00.

How the vaccination operations take place

The first step is to check-in. Here the operators indicate an island, there are 7 of them in the hub where 4 cars are vaccinated at the same time, where to go. The islands are tensile structures with a container underneath. Once on the island, the doctor who takes the medical history is interviewed to assess whether the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, the only one administered in Valmontone, can be injected. If it is not possible, the user is taken over by the ASL and then diverted to another centre. Otherwise you will proceed to the injection and then to the observation phase. About 15 minutes that the patient will have to wait, always by car, to check that there are no side effects. When finished, you will receive a message on your mobile phone giving the go-ahead. All in less than half an hour.


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