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Critical free pharmacists with Formigoni.

The president of Lombardy Roberto Formigoni in response to the Bersani decree on liberalizations announced a regional regulation on the location of drug distribution points throughout the territory so that they do not arise in an undifferentiated manner. The National Movement for Free Pharmacists (Mnlf) replies by stating that “Our degree and registration with the professional order is already a guarantee for the sale of medicines. It is absurd to regulate even parapharmacies”.
And provocatively, Mnlf writes in a note: “Then the Lombardy Region also regulates the opening of shoe, clothing, HiFi, etc. shops. and tell us where these shops are to be built. Draw up the organic plan of the jeans and perfume shops and tell in which area they need to sell more pants, T-shirts and cosmetics. It is true that we are talking about an important commodity such as medicines, but isn't it perhaps true – asks Mnlf – that we graduates in pharmacy and qualified to practice are already a guarantee for the consumer customer? Furthermore, the Bersani law does not limit the opening of neighborhood shops. We have never heard that the opening of an intimate clothing store is not allowed because another one exists ten meters away – conclude the free pharmacists – and it is not possible not to block large-scale retailers and instead block them for neighborhood shops”.
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