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Marvels. Multinationals under accusation: "They unloaded a thousand workers"

Written by Luigi Ferrarella, CORRIERE DELLA SERA | June 11, 2013

MILAN - Disposal of company branches "functional to the divestment of a large number of workers without having to follow the procedures established for the management of redundancies". Employees "unloaded like dead weight and even violated in their basic rights to have their social security contributions paid".

In short, 1,084 people were workers in the pharmaceutical sector, but some multinationals treated them as waste. Technically waste: the kind that, when you give it to a landfill, you also have to pay for the inconvenience. And just as an employment dumping ground - destined to fail from the outset but good for "liberating" the multinationals from the ballast of redundant workers that would otherwise have to be managed - «Marvecspharma Service Srl» was used for the prosecutors of Milan in 2004/2007, went bankrupt on 14 January 2011 under 160 million in debt despite holding the ministerial authorizations for the marketing of drugs such as «Folina» and «Eparina vister».
Since 2004, the company managed by Nicola and Francesco Danzo, who were under arrest for a period in 2011, has begun to acquire legions of scientific reps sold as business units at symbolic prices (1,000 euros) by multinationals who have gradually paid more than 100 million euros as badwill. Then, however, according to the investigations of the provincial command of the Milan police force, «Marvecs» failed to pay 12 million euros into the closed-end fund for the employee category, the relative portions of severance pay and the withholdings made as withholding agent, burned tens of millions on acquisitions and consultancies of dubious nature and effectiveness, and just before the bankruptcy it distracted some brands and assets.
But the real novelty of the conclusion of the bankruptcy proceedings, notified by the Milanese prosecutors Gaetano Ruta and Luigi Orsi to 23 suspects of complicity in the fraudulent bankruptcy, is that among them are not only the directors of the company that acquired the business branches and then went bankrupt , but also the members of the boards of directors of the multinationals that those company branches sold to «Marvecs».
To the directors of «Pfizer Italia» (638 workers transferred with 86 million euros in dowries in 2005 and 2007), «Pharmacia Italia Spa» (241 workers with 30 million euros in negative goodwill in 2004), «Simesa spa» (91 workers and attached 7 million in 2007) and "AstraZeneca" (14 workers with 1.2 million in 2007) the prosecutor denies having approved the sale of company branches in favor of a

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