NHS doctors, February 23 national strike

National strike of doctors and veterinarians on Friday 23 February, anticipated by a series of initiatives that will be implemented starting from Monday 12 February. This was decided by the trade unions in the sector (Fp Cgil doctors and NHS managers, Anaao-assomed, Cimo, Aaroi-emac, Veterinary and medical federation, Fassid, Cisl doctors, Fesmed, Anpo-ascoti-fials doctors and Uil Fpl), postponing the strike already announced for 8 and 9 February. An ultimatum launched on behalf of the 150,000 professionals in the sector in order to unblock the opening of the negotiation for the renewal of the 2016-2018 contract. The unions are also asking for "an urgent meeting with the Minister of Public Administration, as a political body that must supervise Aran's activity" and threaten to report to the Public Prosecutor's Office "due to omission of official acts with respect to the sentence of the Constitutional Court of July 2015 which established the unblocking of the contracts".

The medical unions have also announced a garrison in Rome, at the headquarters of the Agency for the negotiation representation of public administrations (Aran), for Thursday 15 February, and a day of assemblies on 22 February in all the healthcare companies. "The decision to move the date of the strike to February 23 - they explain in a note - was dictated only by the sense of responsibility that binds us above all to our patients, to whom we do not want to cause further inconvenience". And so they conclude: "It is no longer possible to continue to deny thousands of professionals, in defiance of the Constitution, the right to negotiate the conditions that regulate their work". – 01/02/2018

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