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NHS doctors in alarm: we will remain a country without health care

here is the text of the decree

The cutting small hospitals

What is wanted is a healthy Italy in Europe, but the effect will instead be a country without any health system. It is with this cry of alarm that Anaao Assomed accompanies the confirmation that the state of agitation, already proclaimed by doctors and managers of the NHS, will continue, because "we will not stand still to witness the end of public health". On the other hand, the note reads, "the nightmare of a suppressed healthcare seems to come true if the advances in the press on the measures contained in the spending review decree prove to be well founded". Among which, recalls the union, "the closure of 216 small hospitals and the cuts!  of 30,000 beds, pretending to ignore that the small hospitals in almost all the Regions have already been closed or reconverted and that in the last 10 years 45,000 beds have already been cut with little economic benefit in the face of the great inconvenience caused to the citizens". Or the other three billion cuts that will add up to the eight already planned, as well as the previous ones, "by now condemning all the Regions to close services and cut down on services". Sumai-Assoprof also joins in expressing concern, underlining how these measures are put on the agenda "without at the same time putting in place any serious programming tool". The operation risks being "a dangerous boomerang, especially if one looks at the demographic future of the country (population aging) and the growing demand for health that follows" and in any case "does not represent the way out to solve the problems of the d! public benefit. On the contrary, there is only the risk of making the situation even more difficult for citizens ». For this reason also the Sumai-Assoprof will continue "without stopping to express its dissent with respect to this line and to work together with the Inter-union".

July 5, 2012 – DoctorNews

Pharmaceuticals, the shelf for companies switches from 35% to 50%

The share to be paid by companies on any overruns of the territorial pharmaceutical expenditure ceiling rose from 35% to 50%. The measure is contained in several drafts of the provision on the spending review currently being defined and it remains to be seen whether it will be confirmed in the final version. But if this were the case, starting from January 2013, the drug industries will have to participate in a greater way than what was already envisaged by the maneuver last July. Second

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