Parallel drug market. Starting tomorrow, package monitoring to prevent shortages

Medicines, starting tomorrow new rules on package monitoring. Mirone: "Necessary against the parallel market"

27/07/2018 – Federfarma

A central database, aimed at monitoring the packaging of medicines within the distribution system. This is what was established by the decree of the Minister of Health which will come into force tomorrow, 28 July.

Among the main novelties of the provision: pharmaceutical companies will be able to have complete access, for medicinal products for which they hold marketing authorizations, to the data communicated to the central drug traceability database, including the indication of the sender and the recipient, for supplies of medicines paid for by the National Health Service.

He spoke on the subject Antonello Mirone, president of Federfarma Servizi. “This decision goes in the direction of traceability of the drug throughout the supply chain, which should serve to avoid incorrect use of the drug. From this point of view, therefore, it is an initiative that we consider positive and welcome.

As Federfarma Servizi - adds Mirone - we have always been available for this kind of collaboration and we would also like this measure to be pushed to the end to be sure that the drug is available more on the domestic market than for parallel export as, however, it often happens”.

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