Wednesday 16 doctors' strike, 2 million benefits at risk

There are 2 million health services that could be canceled due to the doctors' strike scheduled for Wednesday 16 December. All services are at risk, including laboratory tests - given the adhesion of all the trade unions of white coats - from surgical interventions (between 25 thousand and 40 thousand those planned which could be postponed), to specialist visits (190 thousand). And still 80,000 x-ray examinations and 250 pediatric visits. The estimate - without prejudice to emergency services guaranteed by law - comes from the unions who today, at a press conference in Rome, reiterated the reasons for the general strike against a "shattered healthcare system".

The doctors recalled the many reasons for their mobilization, which start from a defense of the public health service and the right to health and include the equal dignity of patients in the various regional realities. But the white coats also defend the dignity of their work and the future of young doctors and are fighting against cuts in citizens' benefits and government indifference to health problems.

Among the demonstrations scheduled for Wednesday is a sit-in with all the leaders of the medical unions at the San Camillo hospital in Rome, who will explain the reasons for their protest to the press and citizens.

"The battle will restart in January", announced Giacomo Milillo, national secretary of Fimmg, during the press conference. "As soon as the terms of the law on strike allow it - he said - we will relaunch with 2 days of strike".

Family doctors, in particular, "will organize the electronic strike, or days in which electronic documents, such as INPS certificates, are not sent - explained Pina Onotri, national secretary of the SMI - An administrative protest that the government feels much more than abstention from non-urgent visits".

“We are planning an articulated mobilization in the coming months. We will not give up - warned Milillo - until the government meets with the doctors' unions for a serious pact on the profession".

Posted on: 12/14/2015 – adnkronos

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