NOMOS. Parliamentary Day on 16 December 2020

Government crisis frozen. But for Iv and Pd Conte must move

The premier Joseph Conte reaches out to Matthew Renzi with the premise that "whichever road it ultimately takes", the execution of the Recovery plans it must take place in certain times, because "wasting even a single euro would be criminal". Conte opens up to the possibility that there is a sort political control room enlarged, as requested by the Democratic Party, with the involvement of all Ministers, and that we proceed with amission unit, giving space to Parliament, with step-by-step updating of the plan and final approval by the Chambers. Renzi doesn't even talk about Recovery anymore, he assumes that there will be an agreement on this point, that Conte will give up on the initial plans. Therefore, (for the moment), the possibility that the Government falls close to one has been averted budget law and the Christmas holidays; but now the real game begins, because sui topics on the agenda the fibrillation remains and the pentastellati fear traps, or a convergence between dem and Iv to corner them. The Pd, by the way, consider the fact that a step backwards and not forward M5S defended his identity issues after the meeting with the premier: "If the M5S wants the super bonus until 2023, you'll find 9 billion for one year and another 9 for the next", cuts short a big name from the Nazarene, marrying according to him the position of the minister Robert Gualtieri. And in fact there is a side game between Pd and Italia viva sul month and on other files.

The Prime Minister who met the delegation of at Palazzo Chigi in the evening Leu he said he was aware of the critical issues on the yellow and red front, with i tables on reforms blocked and the impasse on Recovery that threatened to blow everything up. He would not even be against a mini government reshuffle but these would be ministries of no weight. The meeting between Conte and Renzi was canceled due to the minister's commitments Teresa Bellanova but it will be held tomorrow morning; the orientation is to lower the tension but the pressing of the leader of Italia Viva remains: “I don't think about bringing down the government or the reshuffle but let's get moving, let's give more funds to health care. The ball is now up to the prime minister”, says Renzi, following the invitation of the Democratic Party. But then he still leaves a door open to the possibility of a crisis: "If there were, there is one thing that is more important than the Democratic Party, which is the Constitution which provides that we go to see in Parliament if there are numbers for a new majority,” he says; it is a signal that the negotiation from now on will be tight on every point. Already on parameterization of the Recovery plan there are grumblings within the 5-star movement; Conte will therefore have to mediate: he will probably later meet the leaders of his majority and draw up a schedule.

For Giorgetti, the Conte government will fall but the center-right is not ready yet 

"There is a gang of incompetent people in government, who keep their feet only thanks to a favorable astral conjunction" but "the opposition is still a company of fortune, it will win the next elections hands down, when there are, but she is not ready to rule.” This is the analysis of the deputy secretary of the League Giancarlo Giorgetti in an interview with Corriere della Sera. For Giorgetti, it is as if this "centre-right is afraid of another centre-right, different, which is exactly what Italy needs". Giorgetti is also convinced that the Conte government will not finish the legislature: "everyone knows it" and then "about fifty willing to give birth to another government will come out", he predicts. His wish would be an executive with broad parliamentary base driven by Mario Draghi: "It would be what it takes, to do things that a reclusive government like the current one, wholly and only taken by consensus, could never do". As for Matthew Salvini, Giorgetti says: "He made the right move, and Meloni immediately protested, for reasons of electoral competition"; the leader of the League, continues the deputy, “is right if he tries not to let himself be simmered for the remaining years of the legislature. He must use this not short time to get out of the character that they have sewn on him and acquire the reliability of a man of governmentdomestic and international".

The Senate Hall

After yesterday the decree was approved with a vote of confidence for health protection and economic support measures related to the COVID emergency, the so-called refreshment decree which also includes the subsequent decrees bis, ter and quater, theSenate assembly will meet again at 10.30 for the examination of the motions on restrictions on circulation in the national territory during the Christmas period and the 2019 Senate Statement of Income and Expenditure and the draft internal budget of the Senate for the 2020 financial year.

The Senate Committees

As regards the Commissions, the Constitutional affairs, in meeting with the Justice, will examine and hold some hearings on the decree on immigration, international and complementary protection, as well as measures on the subject of prohibition of access to public establishments and places of public detention, to contrast the distorted use of the web and to regulate the Guarantor national rights of persons deprived of their liberty. There Justice it will examine the bill on the suspension of the terms relating to obligations to be paid by the freelancer in the event of illness or accident. There Finances will examine the draft ministerial decree for the adoption of the regulation containing access requirements, conditions, criteria and methods of interventions of the Dedicated Assets and the draft legislative decree on the prospectus for the public offer or admission to trading of securities on a regulated market and money market funds.

There Instruction, in meeting with the Work, will examine the outline of the legislative decree concerning the reorganization and reform of the safety standards for the construction and operation of sports facilities and of the legislation on the modernization or construction of sports facilities. There Public Works will discuss the program contract outline between MIT, Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane and the Euralpin Lyon-Turin Tunnel (TELT). Followed by the Industry, will examine the draft decree of the President of the Council of Ministers containing regulations for the identification of strategically important assets in the energy, transport and communications sectors. There Work will discuss the proposal for a directive of the European Parliament and of the Council on adequate minimum wages in the European Union. There Healthcare the examination of the so-called Calabria decree will continue. There Territory will discuss the framework Community act for the achievement of climate neutrality.

The House Chamber

Today, theHall of the Chamber it will not gather. Work will resume on Thursday at 9.30 with the discussion of the motion on initiatives for the care and support of patients affected by amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (SLA) and related families, and of the motion on initiatives for a large program of investments and measures in the health sector in relation to the emergency from COVID-19.

House Committees

As regards the Commissions, the Constitutional affairs it will hold several hearings on the pdl for the coordination of integrated policies for security and local police and some on the pdl on the dissolution of the councils of local bodies resulting from phenomena of infiltration and mafia-type conditioning. There Justice the cycle of hearings on access to the legal profession will continue and to follow the cycle of hearings on the pdl of delegation to the Government for the reform of the judicial system and for the adaptation of the military judicial system, as well as provisions on legal, organizational and disciplinary matters , eligibility and repositioning of Magistrates and the constitution and functioning of the Superior Council of the Judiciary. With the Foreign will listen to the representatives of the non-governmental organization Doctors against forced organ harvesting(DAFOH) and the Director of Information society – fight against crime at the General Secretariat of the Council of Europe Jan Kleijssen on the ratification and implementation of the Council of Europe Convention against Trafficking in Human Organs, done in Santiago de Compostela on 25 March 2015. From 10.00, the Budget Commission the examination of the budget law will continue. There Environment will listen to the representatives of the Union of Italian Provinces (UPI) in the context of the examination of the bill for the adoption of strategic intervention programs for the construction of works of public interest. With the Transportation it will then examine the resolution to improve the competitiveness of port systems, also through the simplification of the dredging discipline.

There Transportation the cycle of hearings will continue on the pdl for the modification of the Highway Code and some on the program contract scheme between MIT, Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane and the Euralpin Lyon-Turin Tunnel (TELT), for the financing, design and construction of the section cross-border of the common part of the new railway line. With the Productive activities will discuss the draft decree of the President of the Council of Ministers for the identification of strategically important assets in the energy, transport and communications sectors and the draft decree of the President of the Republic for the establishment and functioning of the public register of the contractors who oppose the use of their personal data and their telephone number for sales or commercial promotions. There Productive activities, with the Work, will carry out hearings on the industrial and employment prospects of the former ILVA iron and steel plants. There Social Affairs will examine the decree to deal with the health risks associated with the spread of the COVID-19 virus, will hold hearings on the pdl for the experimental introduction of the health budget method for the implementation of individualized therapeutic rehabilitation projects. There Agriculture the hearings on the pdl on the subject of horse breeding will continue.

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