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On 22 December 2014, the sole shareholder FMPS suddenly decided to put the company into liquidation, interrupting the research activity and initiating a dismissal procedure for all researchers.


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Risultati immagini per siena biotech liquidazioneSiena Biotech is a pharmaceutical research company founded in 2000 by the will of the Monte dei Paschi di Siena Foundation (FMPS) with the aim of identifying pharmacological treatments for patients affected by rare diseases and neurodegenerative diseases such as Huntington's disease and Alzheimer's, which unfortunately to date they have no cure.

In just over ten years, Siena Biotech has developed new molecules that have reached the clinical trial stage on patients with important results. The value of the activities carried out in Siena Biotech has been recognized internationally through collaborations with important Italian and foreign research institutes and pharmaceutical multinationals, and participation in projects funded by the European Union.

This reality represents excellence in the field of pharmaceutical scientific research in our country.

This is all coming to an end!

On 22 December 2014, the sole shareholder FMPS suddenly decided to put the company into liquidation, interrupting the research activity and initiating a dismissal procedure for all researchers.

We wish this didn't happen!

As workers, we ask the Institutions to identify concrete solutions so that Siena Biotech can continue to exist, transforming itself into a new research reality, and its scientific value and human capital are not lost.

Siena Biotech researchers


Siena, researchers occupy the company "We want to finish the experimentation"

At stake are the fate of 6,000 people affected by Huntington's disease. Collective redundancies have begun at Siena Biotech, involved in the crack of the Mps Foundation

Risultati immagini per siena biotech liquidazione– A drug for the treatment of a terrible degenerative disease, "Huntington's disease", which is being tested, risks being canceled due to the crack of the Mps Foundation. The medicine was developed by Siena Biotech, an Italian excellence in the field of scientific research, which risks dying. To date, the company employs 51 people, including biologists and chemists.

On February 13, according to the "Stampa", Siena Biotech realized that all their hopes of completing the project they had begun were about to founder. And since then the employees have decided to occupy the headquarters. Just a few minutes after the liquidator appointed by the Foundation, the sole shareholder of the company, had communicated the start of the collective redundancy procedure.

In doing so, he had put an end to the hope of finding a cure for what they call the "dancing disease": a disease that affects the muscles causing uncontrolled movements, which has 6,000 cases in Italy, 100,000 in Europe. There is no cure for all those affected: hope lies entirely in trials. One of these is called, or was called, Selisistat, the drug being studied in the premises of the Sienese company.

The researchers are not there and ask at least "to finish the experimentation". They are one step away from phase 3, the most difficult and most expensive one, which could decide the fate of many people who suffer from the devastating effects of the disease.

The researchers intend to get serious. They carry on with their garrison of the premises, in shifts of ten people. They say it is absurd to block research that has reached such an advanced stage. They specify that there is no certainty that that drug will bring the longed-for cure, but they don't want to stop right now: they claim to be able to complete the work and arrive at the conclusion.

Even the families of the sick have expressed their concerns and hope that the situation can be resolved. And the hypothesis has also been advanced that someone buys the compound made at Siena Biotch to complete the work. It is estimated that 30 million are needed in two years. But for now, no certainty.

February 25, 2015 – TGCOM24


Siena, Camusso meets Biotech workers





















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