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Strange rumors in a company of the Rising Sun

Dear colleagues, not many will remember a prophetic speech of mine which appeared on various websites in the sector entitled "The prompt resignations begin in some well-known multinationals".

In that intervention almost equipped with a crystal ball, I had collected and summarized a strange situation that was affecting a famous multinational of the rising sun.

At the time there was talk of the establishment of a strange line (called orange line) made up of 22 "lucky" ISFs and 3 area managers who had seen an initial defection of 2 colleagues tired of constant harassment and vicissitudes, coming from various lines of the company and of strange unknown faults.

After a period of about a year, during which the colleagues in question seemed to have been "forgotten", suddenly, with the change of some company top management and the arrival of a new big boss, the status situation quo was broken.

Suddenly there are strange rumors at the ISFs about possible redundancies that should affect the company after its latest acquisition, and pandemonium breaks out among all the ISFs, both in the acquired company and in the one it has bought.

In particular, it would seem that the company would be willing to sell about 80 -90 isf to a future company in the process of being set up. Perhaps the most interesting aspect concerns the ownership of this company which would concern an old minority shareholder of this oriental company.

Obviously, after the latest events in the sector that have involved some companies such as Marvecs and X-Pharma, fears are very high among the isfs and many fear that this new possible company can only be another expedient to get rid of personnel who will then be left to its fate.

We don't know exactly how it will end, but unfortunately history teaches us that when it thunders somewhere, it rains from others and that perhaps there is some truth behind all these rumors.

We await with a certain curiosity and a good deal of concern for the fate of our colleagues what will happen in this company, but we wouldn't be surprised to have hit the mark again.

A consideration for all colleagues. In the last period all of us have endured too much, thinking we could manage in our small way to get rid of it, but it hasn't been like this. We must realize that what happened to our colleagues will surely happen to us tomorrow, we must get out of our personal selfishness and act collectively and forcefully. Only in this way will we have any hope of succeeding and of saving ourselves.

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