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Health ticket, still too many uncertainties

TUSCANY08/08/2011The Tuscany Region has launched a maneuver that will bring 65 million euros into the coffers. The ticket will be paid from tomorrow, or perhaps from Wednesday. Pharmacists waiting for official news

Tomorrow, or maybe not, Wednesday. Of course, on the health ticket, there is only that the Tuscany Region will also apply it with an overall return in the coffers of 65 and a half million. If then we will have to pay as early as tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, this morning no one knew for sure yet. Yet it's only a matter of hours, then the maneuver will pass from paper to reality and every Tuscan will pay for medicines, specialist visits and diagnostic tests - in the case of CT scans and magnetic resonance imaging - based on income. The strongest impact will be in pharmacies where official news was still awaited this afternoon, especially on how to apply the ticket, or on what they will have to do or what documents citizens will have to present to be sure they pay what is due. For the first time in Tuscany we are witnessing the ticket on pharmaceuticals. Citizens will have to declare their gross family income by presenting the ISEE or completing the self-certification: they will not pay up to 36 thousand euros; 1 euro per pack from 36 thousand to 70 thousand; 2 euros per package from 70 to 100 thousand euros; 3 euros per package if the income exceeds 100 thousand euros. Retouches upwards for the specialist, which has been stopped for 14 years, which will thus approach the Italian average: general visits will go from 18 and 60 euros to 22, check-ups from 12 and 90 euros to 20, and the ticket on the prescription can reach 15 euros depending on income. An additional ticket is provided for CT scans and MRIs. Increases of 20 percent on the rates applied to the field of prevention and safety in the workplace and also increases on services in the freelance profession. Nothing changes for the emergency room where payments will continue in the amount established by the Region in 2007. The maneuver will bring money: the biggest income is expected from the freelance profession, pharmaceuticals and specialist tickets which together will make something like 51 million. The exempt who did not pay before and will not pay now are left out of everything; for them, the news will come from December 1st when the new ticket exemption system starts and it will no longer be family doctors, but the local health authorities that certify the right.

8 August 2011 – ToscanaTV 

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