Drug stamps, Polygraphic Institute: delays reabsorbed by mid-May

TOBollini farmaci, Istituto poligrafico: ritardi riassorbiti entro metà maggioIn order to "avoid further alarmism", the State Printing and Mint Institute (Ipzs) wanted to reassure the supply of pharmaceutical stamps, guaranteed for emergencies (oncological drugs, life savers, vaccines and new product launches) the delay of which will be reabsorbed by the second week of May. It is learned from one press note disseminated by the Institute in which it is underlined that "as the trade associations themselves explain, no cases of shortage have been recorded in any pharmacy".

The latter hypothesis is much feared by all the players in the supply chain and a reason for appeals and parliamentary questions to the competent ministers (Health and Economy and Finance) since, at the beginning of April, 70 million packages of medicines were still in the plants of the manufacturers as they lack the marking due to delays in their printing by the Ipzs. «Almost all of the delays recorded falls within the terms set by the supplies» explains the Institute «and the residual part will be reabsorbed within the second week of May.

ImageWhat happened has nothing to do with the internalisation of production, which has not yet started, which, if anything, will guarantee total monitoring in all phases, but above all will generate economies of scale such as to allow the cost of the stamp to be lowered and the 'raising security levels'. The sticker, concludes the note, "certifies the authenticity of the drug, allows its tracking at every stage of distribution and making possible interventions to protect the health of citizens and its usefulness is not in contradiction with the entry into force of the electronic prescription, so much so that it will be maintained by virtue of the data that indicate Italy as the country in Europe with the lowest level of counterfeiting of medicines».

Simona Zazzetta – Friday, 17 April 2015 – Pharmacist33

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