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Who is Giulia Grillo, new Minister of Health

Who is Giulia Grillo, new Minister of Health

Between today and at the latest tomorrow the prime minister in charge Giuseppe Conte will go up to the Quirinale with the list of ministers. Of course, the Savona knot to the economy remains to be resolved, but for the moment there seems to be no doubts about health. The candidate in pectore is Giulia Grillo, current group leader in the Chamber for the 5 Star Movement. – 25 May 2018

Who is Giulia Grillo in the yellow-green government team

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Catanese, 42 years old, coroner Giulia Grillo she is a real pasionaria of the 5 Star Movement. Despite the surname, he has no kinship with the much more famous Beppe Grillo. He founded the Catania MeetUp and an anti-drilling committee. She specializes in bioethics and assessments of harm to the person, works as a freelancer. Since 2016 he has been group leader in the Chamber of the 5 Star Movement and is a member of the permanent health commission.

Vaccini, the position of Giulia Grillo

The probable new Minister of Health has declared himself in favor of the vaccinesbut contrary to the obligation. He said: Recognizing the importance of vaccinations and then forcing people to do them seems a contradiction even in the eyes of citizens. On the other hand, Giulia Grillo has repeatedly criticized Lorenzin harshly. Although it has had years at its disposal, it has proved unable to handle the decline in coverage He said.

Drug pricing transparency

In 2016 Giulia Grillo presented a motion, approved unanimously, in which she asked for more transparency on pharmaceutical governance. His was a long battle and in the end the approved one was not seen by the pentastellati as the most appropriate solution. In fact, the grillini aimed at a tout court transparency of the negotiations and defined the motion approved as a missed opportunity demonstrating that the then majority had the interests of the drug lobby are more at heart than those of the Italians.

Waiting lists and freelance intramoenia

Giulia Grillo fought for a long time on this issue, also presenting a motion, which was later approved. The waiting lists dilated to infinity are unacceptable – reads his blog – and seriously question the right to health. In turn, the system ofintramoenia must be subjected to greater controls, also in order to limit possible corruption phenomena, which risk further encouraging the migration of citizens towards private healthcare.

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Rings, Fnomceo: "Best wishes to my colleague Giulia Grillo for a good job". “Well a doctor at the Ministry of Health

The drug manufacturers welcome the new government in the name of growth

Giulia Grillo. House of Representatives

Proposal for a Law: Provisions on the disclosure of relations between companies manufacturing medicines, equipment and health products and doctors, operators and organizations in the sector - Presented on December 22, 2017

Drug pricing transparency. On the transparency of drug prices and against the secret negotiations carried out by AIFA, in particular for those innovative medicines for Hepatitis C, Giulia Grillo has carried on a long battle for several months by presenting 3 motions and 9 questions. The resolution on the subject approved in Parliament in April 2016 was judged by the 5 stars as "a missed opportunity". With the resolution, the secret negotiations had come to a halt, except in exceptional cases. A solution which, however, had not at all convinced the pentastellati who, instead, had fought for a tout court transparency of the negotiations thinking that this would not have affected the possibility of being able to extract competitive prices in any case: "We have had yet another confirmation that this government and the majority have the interests of the drug lobby much more at heart than those of the Italians, who find it increasingly difficult to access health services worthy of the name".

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