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Friuli Venezia Giulia. The rules for the access of the ISF to the ASUGI structures


Companies authorized and accredited to access company facilities must:

  • Provide, as far as possible, individual or group meetings with doctors and/or pharmacists using videoconference methods.

The scientific information activity within the company structures can be carried out, in compliance with the rules defined by current legislation and company regulations, through:

  • individual visits, by appointment with the individual professional
  • collective meetings organized by the Heads of Departments/operating structures or their delegates.

In no case must the activity of scientific representatives hinder the assistance activity.

Scientific information activity is never permitted within the care areas, or in the outpatient departments, during patient visiting hours.

Each Director of the structure identifies a place suitable for carrying out scientific information activities (which guarantees compliance with social distancing) and - taking into account the institutional activities to be ensured - defines the days and time slots for access by scientific representatives.

In the case of collective meetings, suitable premises can be identified and made available by the Management of the DAT/DAO, where not available within the structures concerned.

In the event that the scientific information concerns the presentation of a medical device or a health technology, the SC Engineering Clinic or other corporate technical structure is involved for the assessments of competence.

In the event that companies ask to be able to organize multidisciplinary meetings, the Pharmaceutical Assistance SC is involved, which can ensure the participation of a pharmacist in the meetings.

Visits by scientific reps are traced in a special register, compiled and kept in each facility concerned by the person in charge of the same, or by another person identified by the same and appointed as contact person for the facility for scientific information.

The performance of the activity of scientific representatives in affiliated medical studies (GPs, PLS, Continuity of care) takes place at a specific time, agreed with the doctor, which takes into account the principles set out above.

The scientific representative must be informed about the specific risks present in the areas in which he will carry out his activity. To this end, it is required to read the document "PRIVATE INFORMATION FOR THE ACCESS OF COMPANIES OPERATING IN VARIOUS TITLE IN ASUGI IN REFERENCE TO THE COVID-19 EMERGENCY", available on the ASUGI website in the "Services" section → " For professionals” → “For scientific representatives”.


To access the ASUGI Structures, the pharmaceutical representative must go to the Hospital / District entrance filter and:

  • show the documentation (mail or other) certifying the appointment with the doctor / pharmacist
  • show the self-declaration referred to in attachment 1
  • show photo identification card
  • submit to a body temperature check (if the temperature is equal to or higher than 37.5°C, you will not be able to access the Facility)
  • sanitize your hands and wear the surgical mask that will be provided. The surgical mask must be worn for the entire time spent inside the Facility.

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