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Dear colleagues, today is May 1, a day dedicated to celebrating workers and the world of work.
On TV, in the squares, in the newspapers there is a flourishing of flags, announcements and headlines regarding this celebration which should interest many Italians.
Unfortunately, however, this is not the case, our country is going through a difficult economic moment, the production system is showing signs of great difficulty which, however, are not spread in the same way. Just to stay close to our daily life, our sector is in strong contrast with respect to others with growth of around 8 % per year according to Istat findings.
Many colleagues are on layoffs, in Mobilità or worse still have lost their jobs for "pure" reasons and many others see a very gray future ahead of them (see the next 200 GSK colleagues already announced), but also those colleagues who will see further corporate restructuring or reorganization in the future.
I don't want to take advantage of this day to raise fuss or useless diatribes, but some considerations are necessary.
Our Constitution reads as follows in two of its important articles:

Art. 1 : Italy is a democratic republic, founded on work.
Art. 4 : The Republic recognizes the right to work for all citizens and promotes the conditions that make this right effective. Every citizen has the duty to carry out, according to his own possibilities and choice, an activity or function that contributes to the material or spiritual progress of society.

If so, how come in Italy, who like our category produces health and well-being must on a day like this instead of rejoicing, worry?
Why has the world of work become like this?
For what reasons do not even institutions and trade unions operate to protect their workers and citizens? Why must our right as workers and citizens, also enshrined in the Constitution, be trampled on every day?
How many questions !!
And the answers?
Umberto Alderisi

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